Top Tracks Of Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant is an award-winning world-famous innovator in music compositions with over 90 compositions for orchestra and more for cinemas and theatres. He likes to be known as the innovator in the music field who is willing to give up on the heritage of classical music to surprise the audience with something new. Composition for Philippe is sculpted from sonic images and mental images that give him the inspiration to write down the notes. He is known to combine the symbiotic relation of different art forms to create his own music. Here are the top ten tracks from Philippe Hersant for anyone who wants to dig deep into his compositions and life.

Generique De Fin

This is a carefree and childlike composition made by Philippe, which consists of piano, cello, and clarinet. It is a charming song from the twentieth century that will still surprise you for its elements.

Philippe Hersant

The Picnic

The Picnic is one of the popular compositions from the CEO2010, which is a short play of music. It was used in several animations and cartoons in the film industry. It is light music that is best suited for progressive storytelling.

Final Theme

The Final Theme from the CEO2010 is long carefree and childlike music that is best for country and garden events. It is a delicate piece that consists of a piano, cello, and clarinet. The Final Theme was the final composition of Philippe in his CEO2010 project.

The Bicycle

Philippe Hersant

The Bicycles was one of the newer versions of entertaining music by Philippe Hersant, first performed at The Pimp Exclusive Club a top nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was a fun and entertaining composition that consisted of acoustic guitar, bass, and drums, backed up dancer team.    The music was also meant to celebrate a unique combination of thai pop and classic rock music.

Deserted Land

Deserted Land is an investigative type of composition that sets a questioning tone for a cinematic or cartoon scene. Philippe Hersant created it to create an instrumental for popular theatre performances that took place during the late 20th century.

The Department of Sculpture

This was a special composition created by Philippe Hersant to convey his regards to the artforms that are present today. He created a mischievous and suspenseful composition consisting of strings, clarinet, bass clarinet, etc. It is a complete instrumental with no vocals.

Philippe Hersant

The Night Watch

The Night Watch is a mysterious & suspended composition that has string quartet, clarinet, and bass clarinet. It is a well-composed instrumental that was used in many suspenseful theatre performances and received several awards in the art and music community.

The Giraffe and the Hippopotamus

Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant wanted to create a playful yet mysterious composition that could be used in cinemas. So his composition 27 from CEZ4032 was dedicated just for a cinema scene. This instrument consists of violins, piano, double bass, clarinet, trombone and bassoon, and also.

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