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Up For Exploring About The Album By Philippe Hersant ?… Well, We Are Right Here To Help You Do It Interestingly!

Philippe Hersant

Everything has evolved in accordance with the changes that have happened all over the world. And music is not an exception to this. It has grown beautifully in terms of genres that are ever-expanding to add on more new styles and artists that could give a new direction to music and, thus, a new form […]

Philippe Hersant (Composer) – Biography

Philippe Hersant

Hersant Philippe was a French composer. He studied both literature and music. As a result, he became a trained pianist with a degree in letters. Philippe Hersant took harmony classes with Georges Hugon and later joined the composition class of Andre Jolivet at the Paris Conservatory in 1968. He received his undergraduate degree in the […]

A Guide To The Top Classical Music Forms

Classical Music Forms

Classical music is an institution for many as most musicians take classical music lessons before they start experimenting with their skills. Any musician who has taken classical music lessons in their past will have some idea of what is going on no matter what music form they try to learn today. Today, we will look […]

7 Types Of Musical Compositions

Musical Compositions

Every great composer has contributed to laying down the foundation of classical music that we know today. Some of the most famous composers in history gave birth to a variety of musical compositions that are still studied and performed at major classical events. As the aspiring composer you are, here are the top musical compositions […]

Willing To Try On How To Compose Music?… Well, Here Are Some Tips That Would Help You Do It Well!

Compose Music

In a world where there is hustle all around with everyone chasing something or the other to be successful in life, there are many times when the peace of mind needs to become the top priority. Different people indulge in various activities that render them a sense of peace and relaxation to regain their energy […]

Top Tracks Of Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant is an award-winning world-famous innovator in music compositions with over 90 compositions for orchestra and more for cinemas and theatres. He likes to be known as the innovator in the music field who is willing to give up on the heritage of classical music to surprise the audience with something new. Composition for […]