Philippe Hersant

A talented French composer well known for his originality and dynamism.

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Hundred Works Written For A Wide Variety Of Ensembles

His works are well known in the music circles.

His Biography

A French composer with a unique musical
background and a great list of achievements.

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Philippe Hersant Strives Towards
A Power Of Evocation

Hersant strikes a chord with his listeners and fills
them with deep emotion.

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Philippe Hersant Has Achieved Broad
Recognition On The Contemporary
Music Scene

Many talented artists and ensembles hold
his works in high regard.

Dynamic Works For Small Instrumental

Simple. Powerful. Original.


Happy Reviews

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

“Every time I listen to Philippe’s works, I am stunned with the kind of music he brings into this world.”

Theresa D Burnett

“Hersant’s rich background and incredible influences clearly come through his music very powerfully. His compositions tend to surprise me.”

Jose E McKenzie

“I particularly love Hersant’s melancholic works like the Missa brevis. They have a beautiful sadness and beauty to them that can’t be found in today’s music.”

Sabrina D Foy


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Up For Exploring About The Album By Philippe Hersant ?… Well, We Are Right Here To Help You Do It Interestingly!

Philippe Hersant

Everything has evolved in accordance with the changes that have happened all over the world. And music is not an exception to this. It has grown beautifully in terms of genres that are ever-expanding to add on more new styles and artists that could give a new direction to music and, thus, a new form that everyone would love to hear. Many artists are exploring their passion as a profession in the music industry, excelling in their domains, be it singers, rappers, music composers or the artists who play various instruments.

In the contemporary world, where listening to music is a source of peace and a way of expression for many, many artists have risen to fame with their art that has done wonders in the music industry. They have left a mark of their own that one could never miss. One such artist is the French music composer named Philippe Hersant, who has released another excellent album that is up for winning the hearts of all the music lovers.

The below-stated section would further explore more about the French composer Philippe Hersant, the musical instrument that the core of his album, and the album in particular.

Philippe Hersant

About Philippe Hersant

Philippe Hersant was born in 1948 in Rome, the capital city of Italy. He has taken his education about music composition with André Jolivet at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique situated in Paris. His excellence in music stands tall with his catalogue with more than a hundred pieces, which does not include his theatre and films scores. He has also been successful enough to be the recipient of commissions from illustrious institutions like Radio France, Paris Opera, Notre Dame de Paris, French Ministry of Culture and the Orchestre National de Lyon. With his excellence being used to the core, his new album of the Music for Bassoon is doing wonders.

What is Bassoon?

Philippe Hersant

The bassoon is a woodwind musical instrument used in the music industry to produce low range sound. It uses a double reed to create the sound with its structure. The shape of this instrument is distinctive and looks like a tube that seems to have been folded in two.

About the album

The album explores the use of the bassoon instrument at its core. Philippe Hersant works with Pascal Gallois, the virtuoso bassoonist who was the key player in the Ensemble Inter-Contemporain in Paris that took place during the 1980s and 90s. Hersant composed eight duos for the combination of viola and bassoon, eight further duos of bassoon and ensemble and the other individual pieces that would either go solo or with viola or female choir.

The virtuousness and the adventurous point of view of Gallois gave Hersant an opportunity to explore new aspects and techniques of using the musical instrument. However, like in Hersant’s other works, you can easily trace the influence of Messiaen from the way he has used folk melodies. The open and radiant harmony are the characteristics that could be seen in all the music created by him.

Philippe Hersant

Hersant is one such craftsman who has excelled in his art and leaves people in awe with his work. His modality and tonality and unique voice, and his style of composition have appealed to a broader audience. And the love of his fans keeps on increasing with his new remarkable releases of music. With the use of bassoon, he gave apt attention to this wind instrument that is often neglected by many. His work in the music industry as a composer has been par excellence making him a truly deserving artist for all the awards that he has claimed with his musical skills.