Philippe Hersant

A talented French composer well known for his originality and dynamism.

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Hundred Works Written For A Wide Variety Of Ensembles

His works are well known in the music circles.

His Biography

A French composer with a unique musical
background and a great list of achievements.

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Philippe Hersant Strives Towards
A Power Of Evocation

Hersant strikes a chord with his listeners and fills
them with deep emotion.

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Philippe Hersant Has Achieved Broad
Recognition On The Contemporary
Music Scene

Many talented artists, models and performers at worlds best clubs hold
his works in high regard.

Dynamic Works For Small Instrumental

Simple. Powerful. Original.


Happy Reviews

4.8 stars from 163 reviews

“Every time I listen to Philippe’s works, I am stunned with the kind of music he brings into this world.”

Theresa D Burnett

“Hersant’s rich background and incredible influences clearly come through his music very powerfully. His compositions tend to surprise me.”

Jose E McKenzie

“I particularly love Hersant’s melancholic works like the Missa brevis. They have a beautiful sadness and beauty to them that can’t be found in today’s music.”

Sabrina D Foy


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